I began my career in amateur radio in 1953, working from my bedroom at my parent's house in Upper Darby Pennsylvania. I placed a tower in their small back yard and ran a dipole out my window. I was in High School at the time. The photo below was taken at the Delco Radio Club where I learned the morse code. That's me in the bow tie to the right. I later attended Drexel University and joined the University's amateur radio club.

Shortly after graduating from Drexel I met the love of my life, my wife Maryann and we soon wed. I moved from my parents house and my wife and I settled in Rahns Pennsylvania, Montgomery County and bought a small ranch house with 1 1/2 acres of ground. Going from my parents small back yard that was 25'X25' to a home with over an acre of ground I realized the potential of my station and built one of the premier contest stations in the country.
The first Shack I had could accommodate up to 5 operators. We had our share of excitement with floods, mice, and all the other unexpected things that go along with living in the country but we managed.

In the 16 years in Rahns our family expanded to include 4 children. We out grew the small rancher and I was forced to move elsewhere. After looking over the greater Delaware Valley we finally found our dream home. I say dream home for several reasons. One; I now have 3.2 acres to expand my operation (woo whoo), Two; the property is located in a wooded lot which creates privacy and doesn't bother neighbors with "unsightly" towers, Three; this home has 4 bedroom and a finished basement to accommodate my family and my hobby, Four; the lot is one of the highest points in our portion of Chester County Pennyslvania which has proven to be very good for DXing and HF contesting.

My current shack can handle 4 seperate stations/operators and is technologically advanced compared to my original setup. In the age of computers, my entire operation is computerized with the state of the art equipment and computers. My basement doesn't flood anymore, we don't compete with mice, and above all I am now retired and I can dabble and fiddle at my own pace.

You can contact me via e-mail at sig@n3rs.com