This is my very first "shack" which located in my corner bedroom of my parents twin house. The house was located in Upper Darby Pennsylvania on a small street with a tiny little back yard.
116 Kenmoore Road
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
I ran cables out my bedroom window and set up a multi-band dipole from the window to the garage.

The tower was 33 feet tall and held a HyGain TH3 at 40 ft.

These photos represent my 2nd shack that I built in the basement of my home after I married. It was a little cold, a little wet but we managed to maintain one of the best stations in the country at the time. I had 3 towers situated on my property.

790 Bridge St
Rahns, Pennsylvania

My 10M amplifier used a 4-1000A Tube

Sig at the helm of the main station

80 & 40 M

20 & 15 M stacks
604 Green Ridge Road
Glenmoore, Pennsylvania
This is my shack now. I have 2 towers (130' & 140') and 4 work stations located in the finished basement area of my home. We still remain quite competitive to date with some of the best operators in the area coming to my shack to compete.

Lt work station

Topten switches
&W3NQN filters